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Zilver lifestyle F18, 1st Floor, Nand Dham Industrial Estate Marol Maroshi, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059

About Us

Zilver is authentic 92.5% sterling silver jewellery. And here’s our commitment to you: every single ornament that catches your eye is exclusively made for you. Our ornaments are made with first quality hypoallergenic silver and treated with various finishes. The meticulously designed sketches are brought to life by Zilver’s fine craftsmen. Fall in love with our endless designs on earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets and more. It is an adornment with fashionable styling that bears the mark of our quality, so keep it real close.

What Is Zilver?

Zilver is authentic 92.5% silver jewellery and not just that! It is a result of an unending passion simmering since ages in the heart of its creators. The value that Zilver brings is unmatched and unforgettable just like the woman that wears it. Every ornament that catches your eye casts a spell of charm around anyone who wears it. It is for the independent woman who doesn’t take anything for granted because our craftsmen don’t either.

We are not in for the bling. Our ornaments are for women who like the best of design, craftsmanship, and value. They are meant to be within the reach of every woman for every occasion.

Our Mission

To make special ornaments stand true to their purpose – for occasional and everyday wear and to bring an absolute change in the perception and value of silver jewellery.