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Zilver lifestyle F18, 1st Floor, Nand Dham Industrial Estate Marol Maroshi, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400059

Online Orders

  • All our Representatives are Vaccinated.
  • All the Jewellery & Packing material has disinfected before delivery.

 All Zilver Kiosks/Stores are safe and sanitized

It's a Norm

  • The Kiosk/ Store is Sanitized every morning and Evening.
  • Depending upon the size (Area) of the kiosk/store, number of customers will be restricted to two-three
  • The Zilver Customer Relationship officer (CRO) will always have gloves and mask on.
  • Store Surfaces are timely cleaned and disinfected.
  • Cashless payment options available.
  • All the jewellery & Packaging material present at the store has been disinfected with the suitable technology and are safe for trial.


    Security Comes First!

    At the Entry

    • Our Zilver Customer relationship officer is sanitized by the mall management and temperature reading is taken at the entry point.
    • CRO maintains social distance and does not touch any areas while reaching the kiosk
    At the Kiosk/Store
    • At the Kiosk: After reaching the kiosk, the CRO will first sanitize his/her hands again before touching anything.
    • The CRO will put on his disinfected gloves. The kiosk/ Store is sanitized every morning and evening.


    Because we Care!

    With the Customers:

    • Not more than two customers/ 6ft distance will be maintained at all the times.
    • Customers are requested to have all the conversations with mask on.
    • Customers hand will be sanitized before they touch or try any jewellery.
    • Customers are requested to limit their trails.
    • After the trial, jewellery will be cleaned with a disinfected cloth.
    At the Time of Closure:
    • The jewellery will be disinfected/ sterilized in an ultrasound machine before packing/sealing it.
    • An e-bill will be generated for the transaction.
    • Cashless payment options such as PAYTM, Google Pay, UPI too available.
    • A Zilver guide will be shared to the customers on how to disinfect the jewellery at their end.